WTF? OMG! New Words added to Oxford Dictionary

This is really going to upset the purists.

Modern terms like OMG, LOL and FYI have officially been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, which, if you are not familiar, is like the Bible for Words.

The dictionary noted that the initialisms, common language in text messages and online chats, were finally ready for inclusion,

“Of course in such a context initialisms are quicker to type than the full forms, and (in the case of text messages, or Twitter, for example) they help to say more in media where there is a limit to a number of characters one may use in a single message.”

And in case you wanted the history of the terms…

“OMG is from a personal letter from 1917; the letters LOL had a previous life, starting in 1960, denoting an elderly woman [as 'little old lady'] and the entry for FYI, for example, shows it originated in the language of memoranda in 1941.”

There you have it! Your English teacher can’t bash your Internet lingo now!


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