Would you like to hear an unreleased solo album by Kurt Cobain?

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I sure would, and apparently, it exists. Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson claims to have heard it himself. This was a new direction Cobain was heading in, and I assume it was because of how great MTV Uplugged went with the band.

It’s reportedly a solo album performed by Kurt Cobain, and was recorded before his death in 1994. Erlandson calls it the “White Album” and says that it was a a very cool direction Cobain was heading in. The problem is, Courtney Love is keeping the lid on the record. However, a raw copy of the recordings may be able to be released, says Erlandson.

I think this would be absolutely amazing to hear. I wish Courtney would just allow it to be released because something like this would just be so different. So new. It has existed for 18 years! How do you keep something so awesome under cover for 18 years? I really hope this actually exists, and that Courtney allows it to be released. Honestly, I’ve never wanted to hear something so bad. I used to be a huge fan of Nirvana, but after awhile the songs get old to me. For acoustic Nirvana though, I can never get enough.

I’m beyond excited about this news and I will slap Courtney Love myself if she comes out and says she will never release it. This golden material needs to be released.

Do you want to hear the ‘White Album’ as much as I do?

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