Jenelle and Kiefer the most dysfunctional ‘Teen’ couple?

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On last night’s Teen Mom, emotions, not rational thought, reigned supreme. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘What else is new?’

Corey is working to secure a better job as a coal miner. He and Leah go to look at a piece of land where they could put a nicer trailer — it’s closer to town and the schools will better for the girls… Kailyn and Jo fought previously about Isaac’s child support, and she is patiently waiting for his first payment. After a quick check of the mail, she receives a petition from Jo about why he shouldn’t be asked to pay that much support… While she’s starting a new job at the tanning salon, Chelsea is too upset to be excited. Not only has she not been studying for her GED, Adam has once again checked out of their relationship… Jenelle and Reefer are back on their merry-go-round of dysfunction. He broke up with her for texting an ex-boyfriend, yet he keeps calling other girls.

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