Teen marijuana use is on the rise — Alarming?

According to a new report by The Partnership at Drugfree.org, more teens are smoking dope than ever before with nearly 10 percent of teenagers admitting they light up 20 times a month or more.

The study also found that abuse of prescription medication is not rising, but still remains relatively high among teens. The purpose of the study, according to its creator, is to speculate that parents are talking to their kids about “hard drugs” like cocaine and heroin, yet ignoring potentially damaging effects that marijuana and prescription drug abuse might cause.

The longterm effects of marijuana use on developing brains is still unclear, and in the past we have found that the majority of TeenSpot users do not view marijuana use negatively, with a lot even supporting its legalization.

Is marijuana use prevalent at your school? Do you think it’s a serious problem — Yes or No?

Aaron Reynolds is the Managing Editor for The Spotlight at TeenSpot.com, a daily source of celebrity, movies, music and teen lifestyle news. He is an avid reader, outdoor enthusiast, and one funky bassist.


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