Rihanna and Drake officially a couple

There’s been speculation for weeks about whether Rihanna and Rapper Drake were dating, as the two were spotted multiple times holding hands in public. Turns out, it’s official! They are a confirmed couple. Rihanna has been following Drake around on…

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Rihanna burned Chris Brown’s apology letter

It seems like maybe Chris Brown’s stint in rehab is doing him some good — first he’s doing volunteer work, and now he’s sent Rihanna an apology letter. Rihanna’s reaction? She burned his apology letter. Guess they’re done for good….

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Rihanna fined $50k for being irresponsible

Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her former accountants, and it ended up costing her big time. Her accountants have been trying to get her to sit for a deposition for the lawsuit she filed against them for months, and she…

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Amanda Bynes insults Rihanna on twitter

Amanda Bynes has been doing a lot of pretty crazy things lately, not to mention tweeting pretty inappropriate pics and allegedly throwing a bong out of her apartment window and getting arrested for it. But until now, nothing she’s done…

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Rihanna and Miley Cyrus both say they’d make out with each other

Apparently, someone recently interviewed Miley Cyrus and asked her if she’d make out with Rihanna. She answered that she definitely would. So TMZ took it upon themselves to find out if that would ever be an actual possibility by catching…

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Chris Brown and Rihanna can’t decide if they’re together or not

The latest installment in the Chris Brown Rihanna saga: they’re off, then back on. Chris Brown was recently spotted getting awfully cozy with Keisha Kimball, a waitress at L.A.’s Playhouse nightclub, leading to rumors swirling around that he and Rihanna…

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Best dressed at The Grammys

Who’s your pick for best-dressed at The Grammys this year? Rihanna looks pretty smokin’ hot in this pic. Adele couldn’t be more talented, but she’s getting a lot of flack for that unflattering frock she donned. Who do you think…

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