Miley Cyrus’ $5,000 Bangerz cake

  Miley Cyrus celebrated her Bangerz tour stop in Miami in style this past weekend, helping to scarf down a $5,000 cake. That’s the cake up there, complete with tongues, a hot dog, and a teddy bear sporting a gold…

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Miley Cyrus tour bus fire

Miley Cyrus and team had quite the scare this week when one of her tour busses caught on fire. One of the bus’ tires exploded, causing the whole bus to catch on fire. The bus driver called 911 and was…

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Miley Cyrus / Katy Perry girl fight

You may recall the Miley Cyrus / Katy Perry kissing fiasco at one of Miley’s concerts recently. Basically, they went in for what Katy thought would be a quick peck and Miley tried to take it up a notch into…

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton split

In a move that you may find surprising (or not), Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton have officially separated. Paula is reportedly the one who wants the divorce, and Robin cancelled tour dates to fly to Canada to try…

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Miley Cyrus rejected by Katy Perry

Miley Cyrus got totally dissed by Katy Perry at Miley’s concert this weekend. Katy was front and center at Miley’s concert when Miley spotted her and jumped offstage for a kiss. She tried to french kiss Katy, and Katy wasn’t…

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Philip Seymour Hoffman wants his kids kept away from Hollywood

  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s will allegedly contains a clause about raising his oldest son that suggests he didn’t want him growing up influenced by Hollywood. His will requests that his son be raised in Manhattan, or Chicago/San Francisco if Manhattan…

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Justin Bieber furious over Miley Cyrus’ comments

Justin Bieber is reportedly pretty furious at Miley Cyrus for what she said about him this week. Miley went on The Tonight Show and was asked about Justin’s DUI arrest. Her response? “You’ve got a lot of money,” Miley said….

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