Who’s the hottest female film star?

So we’ve all weighed in on who the hottest guy film star is, but who’s the hottest female film star? I just so happen to have a lady crush on Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson (who doesn’t, really?), but I’m…

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Emma Watson NOT doing 50 Shades of Grey movie

Emma Watson probably heard our collective sighs of relief from around the world when she put an end to the nasty rumors that she would be starring in the upcoming movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. The actress tweeted:…

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Blockbusters or indie films?

Harry Potter darling Emma Watson recently said, “I am definitely staying away from blockbuster franchises for a while! In terms of the type of parts I am drawn to, I need to be interested in the role, and who I…

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Who would be your celebrity best friend?

England’s Sophie Sumner won the title of America’s Next Top Model for Cycle 18.  However, this isn’t Sophie’s first foray into fame.  The model is good friends and former roommates with Harry Potter Star Emma Watson. Who would you choose…

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What do you think of Emma Watson’s new “bad girl” image?

Emma Watson tackles a new “bad girl” role in the upcoming The Bling Ring, a fictionizalized account about a group of real-life teens in California that burglarized the homes of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, and Ashley…

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Is Emma Watson the right choice for ‘Beauty & The Beast’?

Emma Watson is reportedly close to landing her next big gig post-Harry Potter with the Guillermo del Toro directed remake of Beauty & The Beast. Last month, the original  Beauty & The Beast returned to the theaters in 3D. According…

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Stars of Harry Potter have a special message for you (VIDEO)

The stars of Harry Potter (including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint) give a special thanks to the fans of the franchise in a new viral video, available below. Readers, Harry Potter concluded after a decade of filmmaking last year with Deathly Hallows Pt….

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