Rihanna burned Chris Brown’s apology letter

It seems like maybe Chris Brown’s stint in rehab is doing him some good — first he’s doing volunteer work, and now he’s sent Rihanna an apology letter. Rihanna’s reaction? She burned his apology letter. Guess they’re done for good….

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Chris Brown wrapping gifts for underprivileged kids

Chris Brown went on a field trip of sorts from his stay in rehab for anger management issues, and he managed to make it through the whole thing without any inappropriate bursts of anger. Chris helped wrap gifts at a…

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Chris Brown: trouble in (rehab) paradise

As you probably know, Chris Brown is back in rehab for anger management. Only, everything’s not exactly going as planned. Chris gave up his phone and the internet without a fight, but picked a bone with the rehab when they…

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Chris Brown was kicked out of rehab, ordered to rehab again

So as it turns out, the reason Chris Brown only spent two weeks in rehab was *not* because he got impatient and left, but because he got kicked out! His mother came to the rehab facility for some family counseling…

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Chris Brown out of rehab only two weeks later

Well, you guys called it. When I wrote about how Chris Brown was going into rehab for his anger management issues and said that he might be in for up to 90 days, you all commented to say that he’d…

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Chris Brown in rehab for anger issues

Chris Brown, who hasn’t exactly been America’s favorite guy ever since his domestic violence issues with Rihanna, is once again making headlines for being a jerk this week after he beat a guy in Washington D.C. Turns out, he’s now…

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Chris Brown arrested for assault

Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C. for felony assault after attacking a man outside of a hotel. Chris punched him in the face, and there are rumors that he even threw a homophobic slur. Lucky for Chris, the charges…

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