Steve-O tells everything in ‘Professional Idiot’

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Days before the horrid car accident that left Jackass star Ryan Dunn dead, fellow cast member Steve-O admitted that he is lucky to be alive after years of addiction. The 37 year-old stunt performer has just released a memoir titled Professional Idiot that recaptures Steve-O’s tumultuous career in Hollywood.

Steve-O remarked about his past drug addiction, “Johnny Knoxville and a bunch of our Jackass crew staged an intervention and they forcibly locked me up in a psychiatric ward.”

“When I got to the hospital I was so belligerent that they changed my status to two weeks. So the three days went to two weeks and with that kind of time on my hands in a psych ward I eventually came to the conclusion that I really needed to make a change.”

Steve-O added about the dark and lonely days of being high, “For me it stopped being a gathering. I was sitting alone and watching people walk around my apartment who were never actually there. It all turns on you man.”

Among the more interesting revelations in the memoir? Steve-O did a lot of drugs with Lindsay Lohan and Mike Tyson.

“I’ve done a lot of drugs with Lindsay (Lohan), but everybody knows that,” he said. “Lindsay was over at my house one time and she was in my bathroom probably selfishly not sharing drugs. But while she was in there, I pulled out my camera and I got this crazy footage.”

He continued, “And some time passed and later I go in my bathroom and I find that she left her wallet, so I sent her this text and I said Lindsay, you left your wallet in my bathroom. This was when she was in rehab and she told me to bring it to her. So I meet her in the driveway of this Wonderland Rehab that she’s in and I make her sign a release form of the footage that I have.”

What do you think of Steve-O’s revelations?

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