Should students be allowed to carry firearms on campus, at schools?

Due to the increasing number of school shootings, a controversial new topic is the issue of whether or not students should be able to arm themselves on campus as a source of personal protection.

This week, Texas began preparing a measure that will allow college/university students and professors the right to bring guns to school, assuming that they are concealed and have the proper permit. Texas’ decision is part of a larger national campaign that could allow students across the nation the same right in the future. Utah has already enforced a similar measure and colleges in Colorado have the option of granting their students the same right.

Supporters of the legislation believe that giving students or professors the ability to carry a concealed weapon on campus will successfully allow them to protect both themselves and others in a mass shooting scenario such as what happened at Columbine High School and Virgina Tech. Ideally, it would eliminate school shootings altogether.

Concealed Weapons On Campus: The Concept Of Armed Students (Supporter Video)

However, opponents argue that concealed weapons would incidentally increase opportunities for a dangerous environment, as University of Texas President William Powers added that the mix of “students, guns and campus parties is too volatile”.

What do you think? Would students with concealed weapons on campus prevent mass shootings or does the legislation do more harm than good? If passed at the collegiate level, do high school students/teachers deserve the same right?


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