Should Harry save his rep by getting back with Taylor?


It was the relationship followed by fans all over the world.  Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles courtship was under a microscope throughout the holidays.  They were sleepovers, parties, and a New Year’s Eve kiss that had everyone’s tongues wagging.  Of course, we all know things ended just as abruptly when the couple was vacationing in the tropics.  Rumors have been swirling about the songs that Taylor plans to write about her failed love with Harry.  She even tweeted about it.  Now Harry is hoping to do damage control by getting back together.  A source close to the couple says, “They’re waiting for the dust to settle after their row made front-page news. But this is not the last you’ve seen of their romance. They miss each other now they’re apart, they’ve been in contact since the day Taylor left Harry in the Caribbean. [They] are planning to meet up in the next couple of weeks.”

Do you think the pair should get back together?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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