Jonas Brothers

Name: Jonas Brothers
Band Members: Kevin, Joe and Nick
Origin: New Jersey
Achievements: youngest band ever to be featured on Rolling Stone; multiple Teen Choice Award winner; nominated for “Best New Artist” at 2008 Grammy Awards; winner of “Breakthrough Artist” at the American Music Awards


The Jonas Brothers are an American pop/boy band and one of the most notorious acts in the world. The band gained its wide popularity from the Disney Channel which has casted the boys additionally in television shows and made-for-TV original movies. Altogether, Jonas Brothers have released four albums, starred in two Disney Channel Original Movies (Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2) and JONAS the sitcom.

The boys hail from the shores of New Jersey and first started as a solo project for Nick Jonas. By the age of seven, Nick began performing on Broadway (A Christmas Carol, Annie Get Your Gun, Beauty and the Beast, Les Misérables) while cutting a song for the 2002 annual Broadway Equity Fights AIDS album. A representative from a label heard the track and immediately looked to groom the boys into a commercially successful band.

The boys first witnessed success on Christian radio and after a few long years of negotiations, signed to Daylight/Columbia Records. While the plan was to still focus on young Nick, the label also thought that Joe and Kevin could play crucial roles in the group as well. The brothers considered naming their group “Sons of Jonas”, but eventually settled on “Jonas Brothers”.

Throughout their early years they went on several tours, opening for various artists including Jump5, Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney and the Backstreet Boys. Their first record, It’s About Time, was a limited release and has since become a hot commodity on sites like eBay where bids may often reach $200-$300.

After being dropped by Columbia, Jonas Brothers signed with Hollywood Records and witnessed their careers take off with the success of Jonas Brothers and A Little Bit Longer.

Interests: Jonas Brothers are heavily religious and outspoken about their Christian faith. They also do a lot of community service and charity work for various organizations; reportedly donating about 10 percent of their 2007 earnings (estimated at 7 million total).

Nick Jonas, a type-1 diabetic himself, is active in the awareness and fight against diabetes. Kevin, Joe and Nick are also very active – successful athletes – who started their own “Road Dogs” traveling slow-pitch team that plays during the afternoons of their national tours.

The boys all love the New York Yankees. When they’re not working on a new album or performing, the brothers like to act, watch sports and Joe even likes to try a shot at comedy.

Personal Quotes:

“I walked up to two girls in an airport looking at Popstar! and they had it opened to a page with me, Kevin and Nick on it. So I walked over and I was like, ‘Oh, I love those magazines!’ and I walked away. They were freaked out!”
- Joe

“My hair actually used to be straight. When I turned 12, my hair got curly. It was the weirdest thing in the world. It’s always been kind of long. When it gets really long I want to cut it all off. My mom, dad and manager are always like ‘You have to keep your long hair.’”
- Nick

“Of course, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and this has been one of the most crazy and most fun lives ever. I have a blast every single day. I am blessed that I get to do this thing I love to do, and if I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably be working at Starbucks. So the fact that I get to travel around on a tour bus all around the country is pretty awesome.”
- Kevin

“In kindergarten, I didn’t know what to say to the girl I liked, so I blurted out, ‘I like your red marker.’ It was dumb.”
- Joe

“I have the tendency to look away when i start to like a girl. So if i have to work hard to look her in the eyes and be engaging during a conversation then i know it’s cool and it’s for real.”
- Nick




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