Is Justin Bieber “Out of Control”?

Timeout! Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Malette, is reportedly hiring a lawyer to put a leash on her…”out of control” son!? Water balloons at state trooper crotches and fistfights at laser tag facilities?

Yeah, he’s sooo devious.

Allegedly, Pattie is upset because she has not been informed on crucial business decisions of late including the infamous nail polish product. An insider whined,

“No one in Justin’s camp told her or consulted her. She found out about the nail varnish by reading it in the press.”

Bring out the violin, it gets better…

“She doesn’t want anyone to think she’s after her son’s money – and she’s not. But she hasn’t bought clothes for herself in two years! She flies economy. Her son writes an autobiography and no one even shows it to her. It’s ridiculous. And Pattie is really tormented over it.”

Have you no soul? These are absolutely horrible living conditions.

“She’s in a tough position. She feels that she’s being cut out of her son’s business life by the people around him. She doesn’t know what to do. It was a big step for her to finally go out and look for a lawyer for herself.”

Of course, a representative from Justin’s camp is quickly shutting down the rumors in this questionable story. The rep responds that “there are no truth to (these) rumors”.

Do you believe the gossip? Is Justin Bieber “out of control”?

[PHOTO: Splash News / Caitlin Thorne]


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