Is “Hot Problems” the worst song ever?

Rebecca Black sure has a run for her money last year. In 2011, Black released her song “Friday,” which quickly received reports of being the worst song ever recorded. It immediately became huge in pop culture and people were always making references to it. YouTube is filled with covers of the song, I even have a cover posted on my YouTube page, but regardless of all the attention it received the song died out after three agonizing months of references absolutely everywhere.

But is it time to give up her title? Recently, a song was released called “Hot Problems” by Double Take (below). Double Take is a duo that consists of two 17 year old girls who, like Rebecca Black, became an Internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. And now, they claim they can’t even get prom dates.

But their song can’t really be THAT bad, can it? See for yourself…

Should “Hot Problems” take the place of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” for the worst song ever?

Adam LeMoine is a music enthusiast, who has been playing music for 16 years and has been following music of all kinds since age 4.


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