Guinevere is crazy good (INTERVIEW)

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Guinevere is not your typical pop star. Born and raised in Toronto, Guinevere idolized all the classic rock bands and fronted her own hard rock group before opting to take the solo route via “dark pop”.

Her new single “Crazy Crazy” is wickedly addicting with Guinevere’s powerful voice accented through the¬†extraordinarily catchy hook (clean version, below).¬†recently caught up with Guinevere to talk about the “Crazy Crazy” video,¬†working with Keenan Cahill and her favorite video games of 2011…

What was it like growing up in Toronto?

Toronto is a beautiful place in the summer but freezing in the winter! The people here are so genuine and it’s where my true friends are. When it comes time to tour the world, I’ll be totally excited about meeting new people and seeing new cultures and at the same time, I’ll be nostalgic for the hockey games back home.

Describe your sound in 5 words…

Catchy in your face truth.

You enjoy listening to classic rock, including Led Zeppellin, Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath. Even though you’re more classified as a “dark pop” singer-songwriter do you like to bring some rockstar mentality to your music/performance?

Definitely. I love bringing my rock-esque voice into the recordings and adding some head-bangs to my live show. You can never take away the rock and roll.

Celebuzz said the video is reminiscent of Lady Gaga. Would you say that comparison is fair?

I don’t personally make the comparison, but Lady Gaga is the Queen of Pop and I consider it a compliment.

What was it like working with Keenan Cahill for the original, unofficial “Crazy Crazy” video?

It was a lot of fun! He was such a nice person to work with and brought so much energy to the song.

You recently challenged fans to play you in Call of Duty. I take it you are a big gamer? What are a few of your favorite games of 2011?

COD is definitely my favorite. I’m getting into ‘Dead Island’ (another zombie game) and looking forward for Modern Warfare 3 to come out in November!

What do you want to accomplish in 2012?

I want to focus on pushing my career right now so that 2012 is a breakthrough year! I would love for my single to be playing all over the world and see it chart at #1 in the US baby!


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