Fact or Fiction? Mark Salling ditched from Glee

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Mark Salling has been axed from the cast of Glee.


Sources report that Puck’s absence from this week’s episode of Glee will be permanent as the 28 year-old reportedly clashed with the show’s executives over the amount of time and focus he was putting into his solo career.

Salling, who has a new album coming out (more on that later), appears to be more committed to his musical ventures at the present moment. An insider chimes,

“Mark has been really focused on his own music and it’s actually gotten in the way of his Glee stuff…His band means the world to him and he thinks that’s more important than the show at this point.”

No offense to Mark, maybe he will make it big with his band, but the oldest story in Hollywood is a successful actor on a successful show who suddenly has this grand delusion of becoming the next John Lennon.

…Or something like that.

Thankfully, the rumors appear to be completely false and Salling will return to the show. A different source remarked,

“Mark is gone for another episode, but he’s coming back for episode six. He’s featured a ton in that episode – it’s basically all about him.”

The aforementioned music career, you know the one that’s taking all his time away from Glee, is sailing along smoothly. The actor just released Pipe Dreams, a record that reportedly blends all of the multi-dimensional artist’s influences, from Mozart to metal, into a solid release.

The Texas native has been patient with his music career due to the success of Glee, but he does note that the entire reason he moved out to Los Angeles initially was to pursue a career in music. He added,

“I think there’s also that desire from performers, musicians to be validated. You don’t want to paint a picture and have no one ever see it.”

Will patience also pay off for Mark?

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