Does Axl Rose need to grow up?

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You must think I’m obsessed with either the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Axl Rose, or Guns N’ Roses by now, but I’m not. I just thought this was absolutely hilarious and that people needed to see it.

Axl is fed up, I guess, with all of the pressure from fans and critics talking about him fronting Guns N’ Roses at the Hall of Fame ceremony tonight. Now he posted this on Wednesday, but I’ve been doing training with the Military and didn’t see much Internet access in the past few days. So Axl, being stressed out with everyone, wrote an open letter to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame saying that he wont even be attending the ceremony.

I can understand he doesn’t get along with Slash. I can understand if he doesn’t want to play with the original members. But seriously. This is a night to celebrate your hard work for the last 27 years living your dream, and you’re just going to blow it off because you don’t like a guy that will be in the room? That is ridiculous. I think he really needs to give up this act and live like a normal person.

[LINK: Axl Rose's letter]

Do you think Axl Rose needs to grow up?

Article by TeenSpot Music Contributor Adam LeMoine.



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