Do you text during movies?

Box office numbers have been down over the last year, and now theater owners are reportedly considering creative ways to get people back in theater seats, including a proposal to allow texting in theaters.

Last week at CinemaCon, theater owners and CEOs discussed strategies to lure “today’s savvy moviegoer”, and the lifting of the texting during movies ban was one of the most controversial.

Regal Entertainment Chief Executive Amy Miles suggested that the change be tested during movies like 21 Jump Street, which are aimed at younger viewers. Meanwhile, CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Tim League won’t even consider the idea, saying, “Over my dead body will I introduce texting into the movie theater… It’s our job to understand that this is a sacred space and we have to teach manners.”

Do you support or oppose lifting the ban on texting during movies? Are you guilty of sending or reading texts during a film?

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