Do you consider The Rolling Stones one of the greatest bands ever?

Not for a new album, though. No, Rolling Stones are getting ready for a planned celebration of their 50th anniversary next year. Guitarist Ronnie Wood said the group, which includes Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts will be meeting together to throw some ideas together for this celebration.

Man, I wish I had the money to just book a studio for a meeting. But hey, if I had their money, I’d probably have my own studio complete with a jam space. Either way, Keith previously stated that the band probably wont be playing any live performances in 2012, but they might be joined in studio by original bassist Bill Wyman.

I look forward to see what they’re planning for this celebration. It’d be pretty cool if they were able to write a new song for it. According to Keith, they’re gone back to the basics and a lot of jamming has been taking place. Sounds like there is hope for some writing!

Article by TeenSpot Music Contributor Adam LeMoine.



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