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Malibu, California is home to picturesque sandy beaches, multi-million dollar mansions, movie stars and…hip-hop?

Okay, it’s no South Bronx but 2,800+ miles from where hip-hop originated, Colette Carr is looking to take rap in a new direction. She is not a rapper per say. Nor is she a clear pop singer. You could say it’s hard to nail Colette Carr to a genre.

Inspired by everyone from Britney Spears to Biggy Smalls to Led Zeppelin, Colette enjoyed music so much as a childhood that she bought an external hardrive just to store all her music on iTunes despite tennis being her first passion.

However, after a freak chronic injury prevented her from becoming the “#1 tennis player in the world” Colette jumped on stage at a Game concert while fans eagerly waited for the West Coast rapper to arrive (he was late). In the end, it was Colette who treated concert-goers to an unexpected freestyle.

Then, “Back It Up” arrived in March 2010, became a viral video sensation, gained the attention of Nick Cannon (she is now signed to N’Credible) and eventually Interscope. Colette will release her debut album, Skitszo, later this year.

Growing up in Malibu: “You grow up around a lot of talent, a lot of people you see on TV are standing in front of you at Starbucks. It’s kind of weird but you get use to it. The ocean is the most magical thing to grow up next to you. It really is paradise.”

Tennis being her first passion: “I was a tennis player my entire life. Extremely competitive. I wanted to be number one in the world. I was on my way to play my first professional tournament when my back hurt so bad I had to go and get an x-ray. The doctor was like you can’t play. I was like, ‘Okay when can I get back on the court?’ He said, ‘No you can’t play tennis anymore’. I was either going to become paralyzed and continue playing or stop and find a new destination for myself.”

The value of entertaining: “My number one priority is making sure everyone around me is having a good time. I definitely didn’t see (performing) coming because I was so into athletics but I was like ‘Oh yeah, that makes sense’. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s destiny.

Importance of music growing up: I was obsessed with music growing up. I had my walkman on 24/7. I would write lyrics and song titles all over my walls in sharpie. I was extremely consumed.

Nick Cannon: “Instantly when we met there was such a connection and mutual understanding of each other and our goals. He just gets me. He didn’t want to change anything about me so that means a lot. I will always be grateful for the fact that he just wants to let me be free for who I am. I hope that everybody, in their life, find people like Nick.”

Colette Carr “We Do It (Primo)” is available on iTunes. Connect with Colette on Facebook and Twitter.


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