7 Celebrities With Strange Obsessions

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Do you think celebrities are flawless lifeforms that are perfect at everything? Think again. The 7 celebrities in the gallery, below, are all regarded for having strange quirks/obsessions.

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David Arquette likes to knit for relaxation.
It is difficult to imagine Mariah Carey getting anything done after revealing that she averages 15 hours of sleep per night.
Demi Moore uses clinical leeches to cleanse her body of toxins.
Reese WItherspoon extremely strange diet includes snacking on baby food.
While on tour, Taylor Momsen likes to kill time by making her own \
Johnny Depp likes to play with barbies. Not alone though, it\'s something he does with his kids.
Mila Kunis is a self-described addict of World of Warcraft.

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