Someone once said try to find it in your heart to forgive me. I must be a place that everyone finds the need to drape their regrets around. I swore to keep you the reigning queen of my heart even when we went to war and fought tooth and nail, scraping surfaces deeper than the skin. I think you good with arrows, shot one straight through my heart and denied knowing what I was talking about. See. I must look a bit delusional, smiling at your 3 syllable texts even if they five hours too late, writing 300 word sentences trying to encompass my love in a poem, I've been wearing my thoughts on my sleeve for far too long cause you've started to predict them like the weather, storms of not knowing if you think of me and sunshine rays of 5 minute conversations. I am reminded of a soliloquy of a broken man, torn apart but the nonchalance of girls speech, promising the world only to give them a piece of heaven, securing their place in hell cause I must be a death angel cause your love for me is tombstone. You told me we were bonnie and clyde, you told me you'd never told me sweet lies but none of that shit is gonna sooth the pain so go on leave. Tell the world how you finally fell inlove but it was incorrect, had to overturn every mistake and turn it to reality. Pretend I was just one of those dreams that give you an orgasm and a lifetime of guilt. It must really be shit to know that I'm still in your heart after 23 days of practiced silence. It took a pseudonym name to get you to react to me! I fucken spent nights crying over you, was it even worth it? Yes but I'm gonna start acting like a normal human and say no. I'm gonna say never love a bitch,bros before hoes and ima say it like I mean, even if its not who I am. And you have the uncomprising audacity to ask me why? Ill let the 3 days of camp speak loud and grip on to the silent moments we shared cause we were just so comfortable in each others skin, imma let the demerits that we scrapped through remind you I've got your back and most of all I'll let those kisses remind you why I stood up when they whole world sat down. Why I spoke your name as clear as daylight in my nightmares, why I'm even writing this poem. Because of 23 days, 552 hours, 33120 minutes and a lousy 1987200 seconds and a part of speech that instills the ability for the human brain to ponder..but you know I should tell you, we had that once-in-a-lifetime thing. I know it doesn't make you sleep at night. But on the day you do, I will move on with my life but until then you still unofficially mine for keeps.