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    Default Apps/Games/Ringtones for samsung T528G

    Where can I get all of those, I know you can get them many people who have the phone said you could & I have gotten a few but the site I used had very few apps I need advice where to get them & how
    & do you know where I can figure out how to watch youtube videos on here? I get to the page but then idk how to start the video, I was told you can so I assume I can.

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    do you have an app store on your phone? i'm not familiar with this phone at all, but just looking at this screen: http://www.handcellphone.com/wp-cont...reen-Phone.jpg - if you went into applications, would you be able to download a YouTube application? i don't believe you would go to youtube.com to watch youtube videos, you would use an application. ringtones and games should also be found somewhere on the phone - like an app store, you can download them from. otherwise, what if you go to your carrier (like verizon)'s website and see if you can find a place to download them there.
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    what are some good aps for andriod?

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    GetJar is your one stop destination for both low and high ended phones.Also is free

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